Damara Gerig, Owner

A little bit about me

I have been drawn to the wedding world as long as I can remember. Even though I blindly navigated my way through college pursuing everything but weddings, the dream of being a part of them never left my mind. In 2003, I took my first step into the wedding industry by accepting a sales position at a local bridal store. This confirmed my love of the industry and I never looked back!

Fast foward 10 years after getting the chance to expand my experience by working in two different bridal stores, a tux shop, for a wedding florist, and coordinating at a local church, reInspired Bride slowly started to take shape.

By the end of 2017, we had serviced over 200 weddings by planning, coordinating, styling and offering custom rental/design options. Every wedding has been so unique and has shaped the company we are today.

Why I love what I do

What isn’t there to love? Every wedding has a new set of people, ideas, and dreams to experience and bring to life. No two weddings are the same and there are always new ways to get creative and make each wedding specific and special to each couple. I love every part and always excited to see what’s next! 

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